Monday, October 01, 2007

Latest layouts... 2-5 of 10

This weekend was very productive, scrapbooking wise.
Cleaning wise, laundry wise. healthy eating wise...mmm..not so sure.
It was raining off and on and I hate to be out in wet weather; dirty shoes, dirty clothes, dirty car...too much work.

So, I scrapped at home,

I hope you dance is one of my Favorite song and wanted to use it on my LOs since my first one was born. These pictures provided me with the opportunity and I went with the flow...

this LO is the fastest Lo I've ever made. I made it without thinking too much. Started with the photo placement first...

Another of my favorite set of pictures, I love these girls, they are both so very photogenic... Circles are speaking to me these days and I guess, with this LO, I went overboard.

Saumya, love being in front of the camera, these are not pefect pictures but they convey a funny string and I made a LO with pictures as they main stay, no frills.

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