Wednesday, April 16, 2008

12 April Layout +

Here’s my LO for the 12th April.

My 12th was spent around my family, we ate dessert with morning coffee, I got some flowers from Hubby and kids, we did some projects in our daughters’ room (put up shelves, hung pictures), we drove to the Mall, shared a cup of coffee and filled gas in the car…

12 on 12:

I wanted the pictures to stand out so used a white background and used white embellishment.
There are a lot of firsts with this page, like
-documenting day to day objects,
-using pictures that are connected but don’t have a direct story behind them
-Not grounding or tying the pictures and letting them float (totally not my style)

The second LO that I made this morning is inspired from an old pencillines sketch.
This idea came while I was working and the picture of my daughter came from a photo frame on my work table. Her intense EYEs prompted me to make this LO.

It says: Ever since you were a baby, I called you a ‘BIG EYED PRINCESS’ and now that you are able to express yourself better I see that they are not just big but they are intense, deep and very observing…
These Eyes:

Let me know what you think. As always Thanks for stopping by...

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