Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Bye Triple Espresso

Have you ever laughed so much that your mouth and your tummy starts hurting and tears roll down your cheeks but you still can’t stop laughing?
I am thankful to God that I have a few of those moments in this life time and one of them I vividly remember was during the show ‘Triple Espresso’.

I have absolutely no picture of that day and still remember that day like it was yesterday though it happened almost 4 years ago. I remember where we parked, I remember the walk to the theatre, I remember what I wore, I remember the Mexican restaurant across the street where we went for dinner after the show, I can still taste the Habanero Salsa and the cool Sangria... we had a very good time.

So why am I talking about it today?
Well, I heard about it on the radio, they are going to close the show down. . It ran for 12 years here in Minnesota and 27th April is its last show.
It was a clean comedy and a lot of fun; I sure am going to miss it

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