Monday, April 28, 2008

I was born in a Hindu family and growing up, I had a tough time figuring out God.
In my several discussions with elders of the family I figured out two things:
1) God is omni-present. Its present inside you, it surrounds you; it’s in the air you breathe, its present in every little or big thing you can imagine.
It’s even present in your little brother who screams at the top of his lungs and refuses to share his toys with you.
2) God is Nirgun (has no qualities). That is, God is not male or female; God is not fair or dark... etc. You can comprehend it in two ways,
All inclusive: God contains all the qualities, so it’s tough to associate God with either this or that.
Totally exclusive: God is a power that you can believe in but give no shape to, he is above and beyond the humanly characteristics that we define a regular living being with.

That said, there are 33 Crores (330 million) avatars of God. There is Gods for Rain, clouds, air, sea, studies, power and yes, there is a God for structural engineer too...
Some animals are considered God too, others are Gods pet animals, l
God or the Ultimate Soul (Param–atma) has three characters, one who creates, second who nurtures and third who destroys.
Yes, there is God for destruction. In hindu religion, everything is seen as a form of energy and so nothing actually destroys, it just changes its forms.

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