Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Christmas Cake tree...

Kids are such wonderful way to relive your childhood…

I know this phase is not going to last forever but these days my first born sees me as a role model and wants to do everything that Mamma does.
The latest request is that she wants her birthday to be on Christmas and when I explained that it’s not possible to change ones birth date, she asked for the next best thing. To have a Christmas tree cake but it cannot be lying down; it needs to be standing up tree.

Here’s what I came up with…

I stacked up three chocolate cakes on top of each other and kind of squished the top layer into a conical shape. Rolled up Marzipan that was colored green with food color; I did read about painting with food color after the final layer is in place but thought adding color to marzipan early on gave me more control.

I approached the decoration of the cake like the paper trees that are so popular these days using the scrapbook paper. Saw it at the local Starbucks coffee shop the other day and the idea clicked.

You can tell it was my first time using marzipan for icing, I totally miss calculated the quantity and had to fill in the hole in the leaves with colorful light bulbs.

But as with any creative process, if you are having a good time, it does usually turn out good.

And with the edible gift boxes by the tree and princess surrounding them, it looked pretty sweet… at least that’s what the birthday girl thought.

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