Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday busy-ness... Documenting a week in Life

Day 3: 21 April 2010
If yesterday was termed a BLAH day then this day certainly was a socializing kind of day...
Met lots of people and it was a fun day overall, I wrote down my thoughts on piece of paper but not taking the time to type them... lets blame it on lack of time. Although some days I am so thankful for the energy and hours God has given me cause it did seem like he slipped in a few extra ones just so that I can get through my to do list...
I am the sort of person who'd rather run late for some appointments than reach 15 minutes early on each one of them and then sit and relax and then crib about waste of time...

Anyways, here's my day in pictures:
An early morning view
DH, wakes up to make coffee :-)
A birthday get-together at work
My casual work attire today
Meeting friends to celebrate wedding announcements
Playing rough with friends
Yoga for kids
Snack time
Driving and my sunnies
An acrylic art class

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