Saturday, April 30, 2011

A quick trip to Utah

This Utah trip in many regards was the typical vacation that we used to take before we had kids and it was a relief to know that our kids are able to handle the anticipation and challenges of long road trips.
We flew into Salt Lake City and rented a car to zip through the points of interests for us and sometimes it meant changing the plans on a fly or even not knowing which Hotel we'll sleep in at night. It took the kids a little getting used to that we have to pack our bags each morning and that we won't come back to the same hotel but they took it in stride.
As much as we regret passing on the 'stubbornness genes' to our kids in their entirety from both parents, the 'travel genes' pretty much makes up for that inconvenience.

We started our trip with Arches National Park and then made our way to Natural Bridges National Monument while making a quick stop at the Ancient Pueblo, a cave dwelling site of Native American tribe. 

Double Arch
Delicate Arch
Park Avenue view point

Cave Abodes from Ancient times

Natural Bridge

After that we descended into the the Valley of Gods (it indeed was a breathtaking valley worth Gods residence) and continued our drive towards the Monument Valley through some of the most famous landscapes of the wild west. 
The Descend into the Valley of Gods

reminds me of 'Here I am - Byan Adam'

Monument valley is still managed by the Native Americans and while they have frequent tours of the excursion, personal vehicles are also allowed to visit a large part of the Valley. They also have a hotel with in the park and had we known that in advance we would have planned our stay a little differently. This was the first time that we got to try some Native American delicacies and both DH and I, being foodies were thrilled with the opportunity. 

The Mittens and Merrick Butte

Artists point Over look in Monument Valley

For the next day we dipped a little into Arizona and took a quick tour of the 'Antelope Canyon', before heading towards Bryce Canyon National Park through the Navaho Nation

Antelope Canyon- A dream come true

Our tour guide played Native American double Flute

Navaho Nation Bridge in Glen Canyon

Our abode in Bryce Canyon

Yes, its snowed...

Panoramic view of the hoodoos

It was an excellent trip and the best part is that kids cannot stop talking about it. All these sites that we covered in our short trip warrants a week stay at each place but I know my traveling list is very long and I am thankful that I got a taste of the views and I know it would be hard to be satiated with views and hikes like that of Utah even after a dozen trips.

It is so good to share similar interests with your kids and I am glad that I don't have to wait for kids to grow up before we can take rugged vacation together. A hike in the Grand Canyon with kids is on my bucket list and now I am hopeful that we'll make it. 

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