Thursday, June 09, 2011 something that sometimes scares you...

I happen to find inspiration in many things, many philosophies and many people. Dalai Lama and Paulo Coelho are some of the more prominent wise men who have a presence on Facebook and I find inspiration in their frequent quotes and thoughts. I treat them as a sign; I guess everything is a sign when you think about it.

These are a few words from Paulo Coelho’s blog that reinforce my own philosophy about life and insure that I do indeed have a philosophy but I haven’t had a chance to still the water around me and dwell into its depth. Right now is not the time for that, for now I am meant to go with the flow and take in the experiences and probably document here to share and re-visit at a later time, here’s the sign

…To do something that sometimes scares you but you should do because you may like or you may not like.

I don’t believe suicide is an option – but we have to die several times in this life, in order to understand it. “To die”, in this sense, is to get rid of the old values, and to move for a place that we don’t know, that we don’t feel secure, but at least that give us joy.

You may read the complete article on Paulo Coelho’s blog.

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