Friday, October 07, 2011

Santorini, Oil on Canvas, 36"x24"

I used to paint a lot more compared to now when I was in Grad school. It afforded me a couple of free weekday afternoons where I was free to hit the gym or spend time at the art studio. This is one of the last paintings I started there back in 2004. What followed next was graduation, a full time job and motherhood.
Fast forward to September 2011 and I am calling it finished. When I used to paint back in the days I needed my art teacher’s confirmation before I quit fidgeting with the colors and now that I have moved 60 miles from my art studio and have not seen my teacher is past couple of years, its tough to stop myself from going back to fixing something or the other on the canvas based on my mood. And hence the statement, ‘Calling it complete’.
The inspiration for the painting came from my desire to visit the place, the uniformity in colors of private residences and the of course the giant blue domes in the warmth of setting sun. It was a very tiny image that inspired me to paint it but it wasn't detailed enough to enlarge it to the scale I was painting on so I used a calendar image of the area to add to the details just in different light.

It was an interesting process to add finishing touches to the buildings; they were a wonderful reminder of the Perspective design in the ‘Architecture Design course’ during the undergrad years. I devoted one kids’ free day to finishing this painting and I am glad I did, in fact I was so happy with those moment that I want play more with colors. I am not sure if it’s going to be in an Art journal, on canvas or some mixed media but I am sure that I’ll go down this path again soon and will definitely share the outcomes.

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  1. That is such an AWESOME painting Shalini! Saying the painting is merely awesome, doesn't even begin to describe what I thought after I saw the painting. Really beautiful!! Excellent art work.