Saturday, November 05, 2011

Frida Kahlo + Chef + Witch.... this halloween

I feel very excited when my girls can look beyond the popular culture and let their true self show.
My older one wants to be an artist when she grows up and so it wasn't surprising when she asked me that I dress her up as Frida Kahlo for halloween but secretly I did a happy dance that I was able to break away from the traditional princess and other party shop costumes.

My dad thought that I did a pretty authentic job with the rolled up braids, flowers on the head and the classic eyebrows. That pretty much made my day.

It was kind of bumming that a lot of people didn't know who she was dressed as even when she said 'Frida Kahlo' except a few neighbors but she took it in stride...

The costume required a lot of imagination and I ended up customizing a lot of my accessories to give it a more layered look and of course save her from the colder weather when she went trick or treating...

My younger one decided to be a chef, which entailed wearing an apron and a chefs hat and carrying a mixing bowl around. The cutest thing she said was, Mom, "I was chef this Halloween now what will be when I grow up".

And I dressed up as a witch to hand out candies to the trick or treaters...
All in all a good halloween with a big dose of sugar rush. 

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