Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A beautiful Autumn day...

23 October 2011
A drive through Wisconsin country side generated these series of pictures. It was a beautiful fall day and a drive to our recent favorite place was warranted.  With this post I also confess my most recent instagram (photo app for iphone users) addiction and warn you of several more of such posts.  We started south on Hwy 61 up to Red Wing and then crossed over to wisconsin via this bridge and drove along the Mississippi on Hwy 35.

Red wing bridge by shalini_devesh
Red wing bridge, a photo by shalini_devesh on Flickr.

NSP power plant... A moment in time

Hay bails - typical fall vista

We came across 'Swan song' art gallery in Maiden Rock during our visit for the 'Fresh Art Tour' last month. I do hope to get to that post some time but now lets discuss just this trip. The owner is a practicing Hindu and it is so fun to see her idols collection, which is of course not for sale. She has a big dog and girls like to pet him till him till he kisses (licks) them back. 
Lakshmi idol
Sarswati idol
Puppy- charcoal sketch

Another one of our great find is the 'Smiling Pelican' bakery. It is only open on weekends and usually by two most their bread are sold out. I am stating that to emphasize its popularity and absolute deliciousness. The pies that we have tried so far (passion fruit and cream, banana and cream, mixed berries and apple) are out of this world. 'Must try'... and the ambiance in the outdoor garden on a perfect fall day seemed like heaven. 
Smiling Pelican bakery
Smiling Pelican Bakery 3
Smiling Pelican Bakery 2
Smiling Pelican Bakery 3
After that we took a short drive south to the city of Pepin, to visit the home of  Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was a pioneer and the author of the 'Little house in the big woods series'; and my 2nd grader absolutely adores her. So this little detour made the trip extra special for her.

Barn no more

Laura Ingalls Wilder's house from late eighteenth century
Laura Ingalls Wilder
View from Laura Ingalls Wilder's home

Barn - typical country side

We stopped on the way back at Bay city to eat some ice cream and this Boo (Soo) line engine was on display and we ate ice cream (green apple ice cream topped with slighted salted caramel) inside this caboose.

Soo line caboose

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