Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just some updates

Finally, I think 2012 and I are coming to some terms but I think I am still missing 2011

1. I am working on Project life still, I know hard to believe since I haven’t posted any pages so far but these printing pictures on a regular basis, specially the square format from instagram are just not working out. I hope to have the first three weeks done by Wednesday, keeping my fingers crossed. This year it is so good that the week ends on a Saturday and I have Sunday to tie the pages together with printed pictures but it’s just not happening.

A random sketch at the back of my design pad... 'Life is.'

2. I am trying to finish some decorating projects at home, I seriously wish to post a home tour pictures post, very inspired by Elsie Larson’s home tour pictures. Again, hopefully soon. I did hang DH's most cherished travel souvenir dinner mat on his office wall the other day.

DH's office wall, notice the long horns :-) he's a Bull

3. The girls are going to perform at the Hindu temple during the Saraswati Puja, next Sunday. It’s their first Kathak performance and they are both very excited about it. And so are the grandparents; eager to see them dance via Skype/you tube.

4. I haven’t gotten back on my running schedule yet but haven’t given up yet. But DH and I are trying to work out together every other day and I like the quality time together, so all is not lost on the fitness level.

5. The New CB2 store is now open in uptown Minneapolis. If you were a fan of their stuff you’ll see an end to the catalog shopping days; now you can actually touch and feel them before they are delivered to your home. They opened on 10 December 2011 but since they postponed their opening from November and a new Anthropologie store opened on Grand Ave in St. Paul on Black Friday, I just lost track of it all. I had a brief visit to the CB2 store and I love it except that they don’t have a restroom in the store which is very tough to deal with since my daughters use restroom as a break from Mamma’s shopping experience. So, now I have to leave the store if they need a break and there’s often a possibility that I lose my way back.

6. And on an opposite note, Bloomingdale’s at MOA is closing and although I haven’t shop much at the store I loved their table settings and decor nooks. Will miss that…

A display at Bloomingdales' MOA

7. I have been caffeine free for past couple of weeks and I am doing quite alright. I just had one decaf coffee on a coffee date with DH otherwise I am staying away from it, except the aroma that I let my senses enjoy since DH drinks coffee at home every morning.

8. I have finally gotten into the habit of practicing dance every day and though it’s not as much or as long as I’d like it to be, I think slowly my muscles will start remembering it all and accumulating the benefits of daily practice.

Apart from these updates I plan to finish posting all the posts that have been living a draft status for very long. I think I’ll let them appear for when they were intend to be published based on a chronological order rather than posting them as new posts now, so if there is a topic that interests you, please click on the labels to see all posts under them.

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  1. I've decided when I do Project Life, I may just print the photos out once a month and fill them in. but keep up with the journaling and filling in slots regularly.
    The whole printing photos in a timely manner is what keeps me from committing. Although we just bought a printer that will allow me to print photos at home. Which would help. If I could figure it out :p

    Love the shelf you decorated for the girls' room :)