Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Since, my sari pictures were so well received at the ‘discomania’ that I decided to share a few pictures of Sari party that I hosted at my place last fall.

I have travelled and moved so much as a kid that I always felt that I carried my roots in my arms, roots that go beyond my ethnicity and encompass the experiences and encounters that have molded me. I have lived in this state and this country the longest I have ever lived in one place and though it is very different from where I originated, it has significantly contributed to the roots that I have finally began to let go. I have caught myself saying that I don’t want to move again till my girls are in college and that is very unlike me as I used to be.

I have taken a lot from the culture that I now call my home and I have given back equally. It is not possible for any person to live in isolation and with interaction comes exchange of ideas, of philosophy, of books, of food, of hugs and love. Well, this Sari Party was my way of giving back to the community that I have received so much from as a person and as a mother through my kids; It was a pleasure introducing friends to the ‘unstitched fabric’ or the ‘pure fabric (something that has not been spoiled by the needles made out of animal bones). There is usually 6 yards of it but it can be longer depending on the style it is tied around the body and it can be of any fabric from silk to cotton to modern day mixed fabric and has a myriad of patterns and embroideries.

Remember my sofa? It is so loved...

My dining area served as the jewelry station

Smart phone and cameras flying all around, we were on FB within minutes

I was so happy that there was someone with long hair and I could
share my braid ornament. I use it mostly for dance performance. 
As you can see from the pictures, it was a lot of fun for everybody and there were some friends of friends that I didn’t know personally but ‘fun’ often crosses the boundary of time and introductions.

For me personally, it was a gathering that closely resembled the fury of getting ready and going to a friend’s wedding in India. Something that I have not experienced in a long time and was very happy to find it in such an unexpected gathering…

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