Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Life - week 1

Here are the first couple of pages from my Project life Album of the year 2012. Before I say anything else, I would like to say that I am really enjoying the process of documenting this way. I am thinking that I should go back and adopt this technique for making albums for the previous years.

I am big on writing everything on calendar and I use iPhoto to catalog my pictures, so it’s really very easy to go back and track the specific events. I am sure I’ll miss out on the little stories from that time which I’ll be capturing live for 2012 but I think it is doable without overwhelming myself about taking up a huge project.

So, an update on the Project life from 2012, my Core Kit from Becky Higgins, in cobalt arrived when I was in my third week of the project but I had yet to finalize pages from week one and two so ended up using bit and pieces from there mostly for journaling. I haven’t done that yet, but I plan to carry those journaling cards with me in my purse because we have the most interesting conversations in the car and by the time I reach home, the hurry to make dinner and get to activities on time take over and I often forget the ‘punch line’ from the earlier conversations that make me tick initially.

The intro page includes a picture of God ‘Ganesh’; he is the God who removes all obstacles from your path and all the prayers began with a salute to him to make sure the rest of the ceremony proceeds without obstacles. I clicked this picture on the New Year Day visit to the temple. Our pictures were taken then too against the ornate Golden door at the temple. Besides that there are my resolutions/ guidelines for the year, along with the word for the year ‘Do’.

The first week lay out is essentially mostly pictures, I wrote generously on the pictures and added a few notes. The pictures on this page are very awkward because I was trying to print square pictures on a 4x6 pallet at the local drug store. It didn’t work out good, but I am documenting life which tends to be imperfect at times…

The next few weeks should be completed soon, I intend to get caught up…

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