Friday, January 27, 2012

Blogging and inspiration

I think everyone should blog and of course that's my personal opinion but I think we all have a story to share and there are plenty of people who would want to listen to your story and blogland connects the two, the story teller and the story seeker.
The other day over dinner DH and I started discussing our winter school uniform from our childhood and the girls got really interested in it. They have no concept of uniform dressing in school and so everything from my Mary-Jane to the color of my hair ribbons was fascinating to them. And after I was done telling them all that they scooted over to Daddy's side and prompted him to tell about it, who knew...

I remember the time as a young girl when my Dadi (paternal Grandma) and I shared a room and she told me such interesting stories, many of them we later realized were even unknown to my Dad. I wonder how many of them did I really understand at the time and how many many I recollect in completion now and of course there must have been some that I slept right through...

Besides a legacy that you might leave for others to follow, blogging is also a marker to measure your own growth. It is always easier to look back and connect the dots and use the direction as a launching pad for tomorrow rather than trying to judge on a spur, where am I headed.

Anyways, I think I made a point and you caught it....

Just because I love stories and draw a lot of inspirations from fellow bloggers, I wanted to share some blog posts/ bloggers that help me keep a healthy balance and of course my 'Can do' attitude.

Mary Jo and I became friend through scrapbooking and over the last couple of years, I am not as actively pursuing Scrapbooking as I used to but she is a really inspiration in times when I think I can't do it anymore. Her kids are in general age group as mine and when I see her pages using the latest products and creative story-telling, it compels me to document more of my own stories in a creative fashion and continue even though at albeit slower pace...

I love art but it always becomes a production to start a new project and so I am very hesitant to pick up and sketch, that is untill I saw Alisa Burke's post about drawing on a brown paper with white correction pen for personalized wrapping paper. And out came this doodle on the back of my calculation pad with Bic correction pen.
Correction pen magic

This inspiration about hanging Christmas and new year cards on the wall using painters tape came from Elsie Blaha's greetings wall and Elsie Larsons kitchen tour.
Christmas greetings on the wall- its time to get them down
Elsie Blaha also inspired me to set smaller running targets to get back into running after taking a small hiatus Her instagram updates make me want to enjoy the mild winter that we have for this year and step out in the open for quick runs. (running a mile everyday)

Elsie Larson has been an inspiration for a long time, since I bought her first book about 52 scrapbooking projects. Have been following her art projects and fashion style on her blog for quite sometime but the recent house tour series inspires me to embrace my own style and not follow trends just for the sake of it. Here's a picture of the potential nook that I am creating in the landing/hallway for my work area...

  Nature's whisper on the wall

Karen Russell is a wonderful person and I love her teaching style, I audited her 'Photographers Workshop' and absolutely loved it but what I love most about her blog is that she is too real and that inspires me.
Where will you be?

I have been following Kal Barteski's 'love life blog for quite some time. The fact that out girls are in the same general age group, we often find ourselves dealing with same issues and its relieving to find someone in same boats as yours boat blog. I really enjoy her art and most recently the script brush art but her bullet proof attitude and war against piracy through 'Link with Love' are a major source of inspiration. I have adapted her Every Other Day philosophy to get through my cyclic chores and not be bogged down by it.

Ali Edwards' is probably one of the first blogs that I started reading and I have drawn a lot of inspiration from her. Not just from her creative scrapbooking style but also the aspect where you discover yourself through following a creative process. I follow her One little word for inspiration and have now launched into 'project life'.

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  1. Oh, that caught me off guard.
    What an honor to be mentioned as inspiration with all of the other amazing people you mentioned.
    Thank you for making me smile today.

    I love reading your posts because they always make me think. You make me look outside of myself and focus on so many other things. But there is always a little bit of "me, too" when I read your posts. That "I totally get what your saying feeling". I think when we all share with each other, it makes us feel like we are not alone. But going through this world together :)

    When I first started reading your post today, I thought of Evan. Lately he has been wanting to hear "stories" about my past. Every night at bed time. And I have had fun sharing with him. It makes me want to ask my parents even more about their childhood :)

    I am so thankful to the world of scrapbooking, blogging and the internet because I have *met* so many amazing people that I never would have known otherwise :)