Friday, February 03, 2012

Inspiration in Recycle bin...

I am suffering with a head cold and with all the pressure concentrated around the eyes and forehead, the brain functioning is quite foggy.
Hot tea, of course is a big help, mostly Ginger Yogi tea but any other kind is fine too as long as its hot.

Ever since I gave up coffee earlier in February, tea has been a big help and I am going through Yogi Tea boxes quite regularly. Today in the fog of the morning and of my brain too, I needed some repetitive activity that didn’t seem mundane. The Yogi Tea box lying open in the recycling basket called out to my rescue and I colored and cut out a few shapes from it. The patterns remined me of traditional Indian Henna designs and in sick times, familiarity brings a lot of comfort...

They are now displayed in my work cubicle and introducing color and cheer to my otherwise bland day.

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