Thursday, February 09, 2012

Some scrapbooking...

I did a little scrapbooking the other night. I haven’t done much of it in a long time so it was quite refreshing and challenging at the same time.

I had a few pictures left over from the Project Life pile and I was inspired by a scrapbooking magazine that my friend passed on to me after she was done reading it. I used whatever supplies were available at hand without running over to my crafts area and ended up creating these two simple pages.

This one is just a few pictures from the New Year’s Day. The lighting by the loft window was beautiful and both DH and I took a few shots of the kids and each other. I didn’t have any journaling on the page as there was nothing much to say about this impromptu photo-shoot before heading to the temple.

This one about the girl and their braids can use miles and miles of journaling. They both love the idea that I am letting them grow their hair till the Kathak stage performance in late spring, after which I promised them that mamma will get a haircut too along with them, since my hair has been an inspiration for them to wish for long hair and braids. The highlight of the day was that their dolls got braids too just like them.

With these two pages along with the PL pages, I have slowly inched towards my goal of 300 pages for year 2012. I have 291 pages to go…

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  1. Sweet layouts!!
    love the tilted angle on the first and that pretty purple banner on the second.
    Great photos on both!!