Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fabric as door screen

This Sunday presented to be a very opportune day when we could hang out at our home together as a family. The ice skating class for kids wasn’t there and had I know it before; I’d have scheduled us for another activity. We also wanted to go see our friends’ new baby but she wasn’t feeling well so we dropped the plan. And I don’t know for what particular reason but we scuttled our plan to go to ‘Mall of America’ too.

And since I started hyperventilating and wallow myself in guilt if at the end of a relaxing day I have nothing to show for but my calm nerves (hypothetically), it was fortunate that we (DH & I) could finish up this quick DIY project.

Our front door has quite a bit of glass in it and though it’s extremely desirable on long summer days, it left us wishing for a little more privacy during the short days of Fall. We wanted a quick, clean solution for the time being till our contractor can come back and change the door style for us.

I got this idea of using fabric as wall paper from ‘how about orange’. The execution once we got around to doing it was pretty simple, got the fabric from IKEA and made wall-paper paste from flour (Recipe).

Everything else is self-explanatory in the pictures; needless to say we love the results and don’t have to worry who can peek into our living room when it’s dark at 5:00pm in the evening.


Wall paper paste on fabric


After 1


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