Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color personality - 'Moss Green' this time...

I took another color personality test at the Better Homes and Garden website and got ‘moss green’ as my color. If you remember I went through a similar test a couple of years ago and when I was trying to decide wall colors for my home and it suggested ‘Green is your personality color’, I sidestepped it and considered it a bug in the program, well now this time around it came back with a more specific green- ‘Moss green’. Hmmm… it’s making me think that I perhaps need to browse some green rooms and see if they inspire me in any ways. Never mind that a green house is on my dream list for a long time…
And since I was curoius to know how this 'BHG design style' quiz is going to interpret my decorating style, I went through picking my answers carefully and I was happily surprised that it was right on the money. Yes, I like a little bit of everything and I like to keep things simple and clean. Too many little knick knacks on fireplace mantle looks great as a novelty but starts to wear down my energy very soon. As much as I love to look at the kitschy bohemian type of décor, I don’t think I can live in one… So 'Polished Casual' it is. 

Try it for yourself and see what is your decorating style or personality  color.

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