Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Visiting the Art Institute of Minneapolis

The Minneapolis institute of Arts is a wonderful place to spend time together as a family. We visit there frequently specially during winter except that this past winter was warm and excluded the need for constant indoor weekend activities.

We love going there on Target Family days since they have many art related activities going on throughout the day and keep kids involved. Remember our recycled material dragon fly?

On our last visit to the Target family day at MIA, the featured artist was Pablo Picasso and since my older daughter Somu studied about him in his art class, we were all excited about visiting on this particular day. We made portraits using strips of paper, some hand torn other precisely cut depending on what was available to use. 
Mamma walking dog on a sunny day

Somu enjoying an Ice cream

We made portraits of our dancing girls
The featured exhibit these days is the restoration and rediscovery of the statue, Saint Paul, the hermit
It is a beautifully carved piece and worth a visit, its only there till the 15th April so if its on your list, you must visit there soon. 

After the visit to the special exhibit, we visited the gallery on third floor to see modern pieces from mid century.

We also spotted a Georgia O 'Keeffe 

The other very interesting feature there these days is the pop-up park. Had it been a regular winter, it would have been a killer display but since the weather outside is already very spring like the greenery of the plastic grass failed to make an impact but still the joy of watching two little girls kick off their boots and run around in the grass, even if its plastic, is priceless. 

And the real treat was this dragon car situated outside in the street side parking. 
Even though its not a regular feature of the museum but it shows to tell about the interesting people that make this place charming... 


  1. Awesome!!! If we ever make it up that way, we will definitely check it out! I know the kids (and us adults) would love it :)
    And if you ever make it down here to St. Louis, you need to check out our Art Museum. (And definitely let me know you are in town!!)

  2. Mary Jo, that sounds excellent, The gateway arch is on my list for quite some time, we just might make a roadtrip this summer.
    Please do let me know if you are planning to visit here, we'll meet :-)