Friday, September 25, 2015

Fear, hope and Blogging

I think we are all nothing but a product of our fear and hope.
Hello Fall! Welcome…
Deep inside there is a battle going on between our fear and insecurities and our hope and perseverance and how we go through the day is based on who has the upper hand in the current situation. When we interact with others, they have no idea of who is winning on the inside, it is just what you share. Those who are close to you might have an inkling but again they have their own battle inside of them; unaware of each others battles when our fears interact, anger spews out. When we can meet others in the place of hope and love in spite of our battles we lay foundations for lasting relationships… 

These days as I am slowing down and thinking through my own actions and reactions, I'm thankful that I have this blog to say things, share feelings and document them. 
Back in 2006 when I started writing this blog, I was battling with the joys and challenges of motherhood, full time job and relationships and this outlet was my journal to say and share and document. And there have been many a times in these 9 years when I couldn't slowdown enough to comprehend my own thoughts let alone be able to share them. And during those times I questioned the existence of this blog and its utility to its readers. 
Just want to say thank you for sticking around and checking on me every so often. I am thankful for this blog and its readers.

And now on a funny note, here wisdom from my un-routined mundane life...  

If you feel like eating junk without actually taking a break from your diet goals, go to Costco around lunch time, they serve enough junk for food sampling to take care of that craving and fill your stomach without having to buy any oversized packages of snacks. 

Happiness often is a result of a voluntary act of doing or creating something and a lot of time when we are spending money to make ourselves happy, it is mostly because of the hope that we'll get 'active' after the purchase which often turns into buyers remorse. Like, we often buy magazines because he liked idea of leisurely reading an article or we buy craft supplies so we would create an art piece but there is never a time to get to it, so we keep finding reasons to buy things that would feed our constant hope that we'll actually do the things without intentionally finding the time to do them. 

Water calms your nerves down. It might be something related to moon cycles and water tides but I haven't researched that topic, it is just my personal observation. So if you have time to listen to the crashing of the waves it wonderful but if not, even a walk around the lake, or a dip in the pool or even a quick shower might do the trick. Although with California drought conditions it might be very tough to take a shower (kidding!).

Life is full of carrot and stick scenarios and often even if we are very generous with ourselves, we save the carrot for later after the work is done. But sometimes we should treat us with a reward (leisure activity of your choice) first thing in the morning rather than wait for the end of the day. Some days need reinvigorating rather than motivation to get through them.

Watching Television is the worst form of entertainment. It distracts you from your own thoughts, makes you involved in something that wash't your direct concern when you started watching the show and takes you away from any resolution of your internal conflict or peace as you may chose to call it. It is better to take a nap or read an article or even better still do-nothing rather than sitting in front of a soap opera/ social media. 

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