Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Most likely

Left to my own devices in a new place, I'm most likely to:
  • Order white wine (Chardonnay) at the bar
  • Share/offer appetizers with aquaintances
  • Walk around town to get familiar with it 
  • Skip the ice cream shop
  • Carry out food from Whole Foods
  • Sip non caffeine warm tea with dinner
  • Look out the window till light fades away
  • Light a candle and enjoy a book
  • Eat breakfast bar for dessert
  • Take a bath instead of shower
  • Listen to 60-70s bollywood songs
  • Type random stuff while I wait for my family to call me
  • Sleep on left side of the bed, even when I'm the only person on the bed

Disclaimer: Observations based on average behavior during solo business trips… 

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