Monday, September 15, 2014

Bike ride to a destination...

Last weekend, we took a family bike ride for lunch. Bike rides have become an integral part of summers ever since our, then, five year old transitioned out of training wheels. And now our daughters love biking around the block when we work in the yard or go on extended bike rides with us exploring new trails through known neighborhoods.
If you are a parent, you might know how tough it is to teach kids about healthy habits and the special challenge is for them to make the right choices when they are surrounded by tempting unhealthy choices and parents aren’t around to guide them. So I try to device subtle ways to educate them about energy consumption, bodily or otherwise and how each little choice matters.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Manage your day -to-day: Book review

How do you do it all? Do you get that question a lot? 

I do and frankly, its a constant juggle to stay ahead of the curve and I am ready for any advice that might help me manage it better. So, when I saw  this book 'Manage your day to day in Pam Garrison's Instagram feed, I noted it down immediately. I was still on my trip at the time so the first book that I request from the library once I was back in town is - 'Manage your day to day' by the 9U Book Series.

It’s a wonderful book, precise, concise and to the point. I got through it quickly and then returned to it a second time to make sure, I didn’t miss any important points. If you look at it from a broader perspective, it is a book which talks common sense for the most part. The kind of stuff that parents used to tell us when we growing up.
I remember my parents constantly reminding me, you must have a time-table, follow your schedule, and do ten math problems each day, practice writing one page each day, go to bed at the same time, try going potty at the same time each day…etc. I guess you catch the drift.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

First time in Italy…

It was on our collective wish list to visit Italy for more than a decade and we were so excited to be able to finally visit. If you remember my rant (Venting, no Italy visa for us) back in 2006 when I tried and failed to obtain visa for Italy and then ended up visiting London instead.

I am a planner, I plan everything in great detail but my plans are still very fluid and we tend to take things as they come which makes it especially enjoyable for everyone and is actually a must if you want to travel with kids. All my planning and incessant search for locations on google maps and google earth could not have prepare me what Italy truly holds. I imagined it to be busy and crowded with tourist like me but in truth it was warm and cozy and welcoming despite travelers like me and those hawkers on the road that nag you to buy silly things.

If I were to share just one picture from our Italy trip, I think this one would carry the essence of the whole trip.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Catching a breath...

A street corner in Italy
Just came back from a whirlwind trip to Italy and India. As excited as I was to get away, I am happy to be back to the lulling comfort of a routine. I loved the exotic and I’m ready to the same old… for some time to come at least.
Vishnu Dashavtar 
I’ll share my travel stories in upcoming posts and I am really excited about them since I delegated some of them to DH (darling husband). We spent a week in Rome and Tuscany and then about 3 weeks in the northern part of India. I had the opportunity to see some wonderful architecture, meet some artisans and of course spend time with family. And as I said more on that coming soon

German farmland from air
Taking a break from the routine is a wonderful reset button that re-programs the established patterns and invigorates you. After the trip, the ideas are just pouring in and I am trying to find ways to prioritize yet not get overwhelmed and cocooned into procrastination.
A street corner in Lucknow, India
Just started reading the book ‘Manage your day to day’ on the instagram recommendation of Pam Garrison. I am always inspired by her art work and hope that this book has some pointers for me to pursue an artist career while also working full time as an engineer in my day-job. I have been at it for quite some time but looking to some sustainable routines that can evolve overtime.
Imarti, one of our favorite sweet from India

An ornate door from India

Monday, June 16, 2014

And the ground underneath....

I was trying to reorganize my blog posts and came to a stark realization; I am obsessed with feet and the ground underneath them… So just for fun I compiled a ‘few’ of my feet (naked or otherwise adorned) pictures that I have posted in the recent times.
Care to share your thoughts, about your obsession and how social media plays a role in pointing out the obvious.   Please leave a comment, I am looking for some food for thought and trying to find stimulation that will bring blogging back to my top priority…

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be Yourself...

Have you ever tried to blend in? If so, you already know that it's difficult because as necessary as it is for an individual to belong, we all want to be known and remembered; and mostly importantly we want to matter. It is a struggle for many people in all walks of like but being an expat, it becomes extremely important. We, as wanderlust, an expat, sacrifice a lot to be able to extend ourselves into the hands of an upcoming opportunity while moving away from our country of birth but anonymity is not the price we are willing to pay. We’d still want to belong wherever we go, and whatever we do.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Missing in action...

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence from the blogging world.

This January, I got an opportunity to join the legislature as a technical liaison so I am working long and odd hours to keep up with the steep learning curve and the committee meetings and deadlines. This was a huge learning opportunity and it took a lot of effort specially from my family to make it work.
And as it happens while coping with change, the priorities shifted dramatically and I had to roll with them to make sure I make the most out of the 24 hours a day that I got.

So, that's the background story for my absence and I'd be putting too much pressure on myself and potential disappointments if I promised to be more regular at blogging from now on; blogging is still important to me but again its a hobby and family and career take precedence.
But I don't want to give up on the connection that we have, it is very important for me. Most of my readers as I know them are connected to me via an alternate path, be it social media, regular emails, running into hallways or meeting at gym (which is another priority that has taken a toll), so you knew that I was alive and busy. I guess there might be some readers that I am not able to keep in touch if I stop updating post, so I'll need to find alternatives.

If you have followed the instagram feed (in the blog side links) you must already have seen the pictures from the capitol building and from other activities. To extend the social media connection besides instagram, I will start posting on my 'Craftiste' Facebook page more often with projects in progress that are taking too long to develop into posts. But if you miss me shoot me an email :-)

While I was away the life was still moving full swing, sharing a few glimpses with you and each of these glimpse need a post of their own and that should be coming right up but its always tough to write that coming back to life post… Anyways, without further ado

My girls had their spring music recital at a local church, love the beautiful organ that makes a wonderful backdrop. What a functional piece of art...

 We travelled to Zion National Park. Stayed at the Park Lodge and hiked extensively on relatively easier trails.

We hiked the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden at the Grand Canyon

We celebrated holi with colors from my makeup kit. 

The bird feeders were topped again to welcome the birds back, we spotted a few robins and blue birds in the yard.

The snow melted, well almost but not quite. Although there is a blizzard (not the dairy queen type) in the forecast.

I hosted the book club discussion (Wild by Cheryl Strayed).

Besides that I did spend a few evenings at work, missed out on having dinner with kids a couple of times, completely fell off my workout routine at home and haven't found time for gym either, made a few mistakes, learned a lot… and realized that I am human.