Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memory capturing continues...

Day 4: Best Ever… 'Summer'!
This is my first summer break since I graduated from Grad school so needless to say spending time with my girls, time to re-evaluate goals, and of course change of scenery all rank high in my book of 'best ever'.

Day 5: Being in California is an adventure for us, it was a big decision and it comes with its ups and downs… driving distance to this beauty (Half Dome at Yosemite National Park) is definitely a plus.

Day 6: Lucky! I am… This summer we were able to spend a long weekend together with my entire family and I thought that was incredibly lucky, I felt blessed :-)
Day 7: prepare to be amazed… 
The transition from Minnesota to California this summer meant our stuff ended up in storage for more than two months and that took a toll on our family bike rides. So as soon as we all got our bikes and punctures were fixed and air pressure filled, we hit the trail with a lot of anticipation for the journeys to come, we are prepared to be amazed...  

Friday, August 07, 2015

Dealing with change...

It seems change is on my mind a lot lately. Leaving our home, our friends, our village of people, leaving my job… somedays it is too much to handle, I wish I could undo things but life only moves in one direction. You make a decision based on the circumstances given the options in hands and then you move on from there, you can never go back. A curiosity remains about that other road that you didn't travel on… the door that closed on you forever.
There is nothing right or wrong, good or bad, its choices you make and you live with them for the rest of your life. Sometimes the fog from the past catches up and finds you pondering the 'What ifs' of the life bygone

Change means replanting your dreams…
Uprooting well established gardens and taking flowering plants to new soils. Some old ones will thrive, some would die and new ones would germinate.

It’s intimidating and exciting at the same time. Only that you value the most and those who value you will stay and everyone else would be shed. Its a renewal process

The biggest adjustment that you need to make when making a change is be patient. Deciding to change is not like jumping in water and seeing for yourself if you'll sink or swim… its waiting patiently on the edge testing water, dipping your toes in them and then watching them dry while the right moment plays hide and seek and that eminent jump of change remains elusive.

Things happen at their own time and most of the time when all hopes are exhausted but the undeniable faith remains… it will work out for the good.

I'm a small piece of puzzle that will travel to various corners and will be squished and prodded but will eventually fit into the big picture…  

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Saving memories…

I'm trying get back into a regular blogging habit and it is difficult to re-start something when you realize that life passed on fine even without it but memory keeping was the reason for starting this blog and now is a best time to document the crazy-ness which will be forgotten as soon as we settle in the new place and I'll look back and wonder what was the hoopla about…
Getting back to memories, I am using Heidi Swapp's prompts #hscapturelife for documenting memories. Mostly going through my phone pictures and finding stories based on the prompt of the day. Today is day 4 so playing catch up and posting the first three. I used #abmapp (a beautiful mess photo app) for adding words to these pictures on my phone.
I had initially thought to make scrapbook pages as I go along but in order to remain nice to myself and not add more to my task list, I've kept it simple….

Day 1: Ready-get-set-go…
My mum and dad helped pack and my dad being the meticulous list keeper labeled and numbered each box and made a list of its contents. Now I am going through the lists to decide which box to open first and start settling down. I was overwhelmed to see my rooms filled with boxes so the 'Ready-get-set-go' prompt was totally apt to motivate me to get through unpacking them all.

Day 2: Perfect day to wander…
Our first Kayaking trip selfie was the perfect shot for this prompt. We have been canoeing on Red Cedar river in wisconsin with friends but this was our very first adventure on our own. We basically wandered on water trying to get a handle on our rowing and it was absolutely fun. We plan to do it again…

Day 3: #Raddest
This puppy turned 1 today and he has been through a lot in this short time, from leaving his puppy and first human family to become a member of our family to a couple of cross country travels and now settling down in his new hotter place as a home… he is the raddest family member, a constant support, our stress buster and of course the best greeter.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Unexpected bump in the road...

Despite my intentions otherwise I ended up taking a long break from blogging… things, life in general is riding on a bit of a roller coaster for us.
DH was working on a project in California for most of winter months and it was hard living apart for both of us and specially the kids, so when his contract extended I decided to take an extended leave of absence from my work and join him in the Golden state.

It was a huge decision and much harder to execute than I had originally thought and hence the unexpected bump. Have you seen the recent kids/ animation movie, 'inside out'? Well that's us right now, living in a temporary accommodation with minimal luggage and emotions flying all over the place. And its not just one girl but all three of us, we are taking turns as we break down with our emotions.

But drama aside it is a wonderful time to take that inward journey and discover more about yourself and what life truly means…
Here's a few things I have learned in the meanwhile:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Book Review: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

Its been a while since I wrote a book review. I was reading the Harry Potter series and trying my best to keep ahead of my 10 year old. Finished the series and absolutely loved it… since there is so much written about the series already that I won't be writing review about them.

Now coming back to The Body Book by  Cameron Diaz
This book was a wonderful refresher course about taking care of your body, everything from your middle school science class, biological terms, how cells and organs function to evolution theory along with a giant conglomeration of all the fitness article written in a lifetime supply of health magazines.
Once you have read this, you have got it all.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Our very first airBnB experience…

One of our very good friends travels a lot for business; and after a while he lost the charm of staying in crisp and professionally managed hotel rooms and longed for the feel of a home. So he decided to explore staying in accommodations listed in airBnB, the lived in homes, neighborhood coffee shop, smell of breakfast and brewing coffee. He shared his good and bad experiences with us over dinner one day and convinced us to give it a shot.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

2015 Word of the year... Forge

Forge, Forge, Forge ahead... is my inspiration word for the year 2015.