Wednesday, October 14, 2015

'Good Enough'?

Has it happened to you?
You see beautiful morning light streaming through and you pick up phone to snap a picture and notice that the clutter on the dinning table behind is getting into the picture and as you clean that up, you step on to the  pencil shavings on the rug from last night's homework spree.

You pull out your vacuum to suck up the mess and it leads you to the edge of the carpet strewn with pet hair, that is a long trail which leads you to the next room with your vacuum in tow and you realize the dirty grout in the kitchen tile is still getting to you, you get down on your knees scrubbing the life out of it when the dog comes over sniffs you from head to toe and everything in between making you realize he needs to be shown out.

You walk the dog, finish vacuuming the rugs, mop up the kitchen floor, grab a glass of water, plop down on the sofa, find you phone sitting right next to you and you realize the shot that was in the making… the morning light has turned into a glare, its all "clean" but lacks the emotion and most of all I do not have even a 'Good Enough' shot because I was craving perfection…

A lot of my days are turning into these kind of days, quest for perfection leading to minimal results and I as a person need to see results to feel accomplished…
Lesson learned, Good Enough is really 'Good Enough'. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Evolving memory keeping methods...

Back in 2006 when I started this blog, I had still to make the transition to a DSLR and was getting a steady stream of pictures printed at the local pharmacy shop from my film SLR and scrapbooking was my only method for memory keeping.
As time passed, more and more of my pictures were digital and scrapbooking was a creative process more than a tool for memory keeping; and as we all know creative processes are often slow, evolving, and subjected to moodiness. I realized that my family wanted to see the trip pictures right away and not wait for over a year to be documented into a very fancy books that has to be handled with extreme care and treated as family heirloom.

Out of the necessity of a memory book which is easily shared with kids, doesn't take long to produce and easily recreated, I turned to digital photo books.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

My first Quilting project

Sometimes I feel like perhaps I'm a social crafter. I started quilting when I was pregnant with my first born and wanted to make some blankets for the baby. I made some easy quilts that didn't involve any piecing. It was during that time that I met a lady who made all her quilts by hand. She used to handle our print shop at the architecture firm and during her down time, she'd work on her piecing. She introduced me to the basics of quilting, then I went to a local shop to take a basics class and I was hooked, or so I thought…
Fast forward to Fall of 2014, when I picked up the pieces to continue making 'Grandma's fan' that I had started 10 years ago. By winter I had about a dozen of them ready but didn't know how to proceed. The process was slow going and I couldn't imagine the final piece anymore.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fear, hope and Blogging

I think we are all nothing but a product of our fear and hope.
Hello Fall! Welcome…
Deep inside there is a battle going on between our fear and insecurities and our hope and perseverance and how we go through the day is based on who has the upper hand in the current situation. When we interact with others, they have no idea of who is winning on the inside, it is just what you share. Those who are close to you might have an inkling but again they have their own battle inside of them; unaware of each others battles when our fears interact, anger spews out. When we can meet others in the place of hope and love in spite of our battles we lay foundations for lasting relationships… 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chevron wall - pink and white

Personalizing our personal spaces with colors is one of the big tool that we are using for dealing with change. I asked my girlie, what would she like to see in her room and she said,"it should be bright and cheerful and it should bring a smile to whoever is entering the room and that they should know that its my room even if I'm not there to welcome them. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A brief stop in San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is a small hill town in the province of SienaTuscany region in Italy. It is famous for its picturesque towers recognizable from miles away. It had a magical conglomeration of Roman and Gothic buildings, the traditional brick paved road and the requisite piazza. 
This picture was taken from about 15km away as we were approaching the town and the towers in the distance are clearly visible.
Its preservation of the dozen or so tall tower houses has created an identifiable skyline in the mind of travelers, like any of the other metropolitan city in the world, but it is far from being one. And I'm thankful for the quaintness of this town...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chinese restaurant - Hop Sing Palace, Folsom

Our recent move brought about a lot of changes and I've been talking about them in the past many weeks but one need that left a gaping whole in my life but took me a little while to figure out was not knowing my favorite restaurants on my fingertips.  
On a harsh and emotional day when the triple degree temperature prevent extensive cooking at home, one might wish to wallow themselves in black bean sauce or a schezwan curry but for the lack of information about a good chinese place. After suffering through many a mediocre chinese restaurant, I finally found a place I love. Hop Sing Palace is located in historic Folsom district and while walking from the train station towards 'Snooks' our favorite ice-cream place we were drawn in with the wafting curry smells.