Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year!

Ganesh, acrylic on canvas 16x20, image edited with A Beautiful Mess App
Ganesh, the God with elephant head, is believed to remove all obstacles from you path. In this new year my wish for all is to find your goal and lord show you the path to get to it...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let me count the ways...

Four year ago we were very lucky to be able to build a house of our choice, right from the perfect floor plan for our family, the neighborhood we wanted and the ideal site to bring our dreams to life…
I loved the house, a sturdy structure, a beautiful body with an open and flowing layout, and yet we as the inhabitants needed to add soul to it in our very own way and go on to filling it with warmth, laughter and life. 
The other day Kellyn from Urban Compass contacted me to write some of the ways I made my house a home and I jumped at the idea… so here are some of the things we did to make it our very own home sweet home….

1. Put souvenirs to good use

You possibly know that we have wheels under our feet and love to travel and that very naturally means a lot of souvenirs. I prefer to pick mementos that I can use everyday and re-live the memories, which starts with my coffee mugs in the morning and end with the coverlet on our bed in the evening and with everything in between. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gelataria - Venchi

Beautiful thing about taking too many pictures while on a trip is the longer duration required to process them and every single time you revisit those memories, its like a 'staycation'.
I apologize for taking longer to share my Italy trip pictures and intermingling with other posts but I am planning to create a link in the side bar that would show all the Italy pictures and posts at a glance. Till then just go to labels and pick Italy from the list for a series of all Italy related posts. 

Now coming back to the topic, Gelato, as I said before, fueled us during our whirlwind trip through the towns of Italy. Gelato is available at every street corner in a small shops along with café and water and they all carry very similar flavors, strawberry, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, hazelnut… etc. Almost every city we went to we tried Gelato and they were all refreshingly delightful but this particular shop remains vivid in my memory.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Disappointed in FitBit

I'm sorry for a very straightforward verdict rather than the usual pros and cons and letting you make up your mind. But that is how strongly I feel about it.
It was the first day of recording 'a week in my life' back in end of october when I snapped on fit-bit for the very first time and was very disappointed to find out that it is nothing but a pedometer on a wrist band which is connected to an app on my phone.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colosseum, Rome… A photo tour

We walked from our hotel on Via Cavour through via dei Serpenti towards the colosseum… and these were our very first view of the monument. 
First views...

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Week in Life - 2014; progress

Here's a summary of pages for the 'a week in Life' challenge. I couldn't keep up with updating the daily routines on the blog after the migraine on Wednesday in my challenge week and after that I wasn't sure if I should skip the day, add it later and missed the whole update in that dilemma.
Wednesday at home...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Week in Life - 2014, Day 2

Today is day 2 of recording my week and it started beautifully. I had forgotten put my regular alarm but woke up right on time 4:51 am, thanks to my puppy. I guess, I have yet to make a formal post about welcoming our new puppy into the family but you’ll get to hear a lot about him this week before the intended post is uploaded.

Anyways, even before the first rays of sun hit the sky, I was done making three entrees for my annual party at work. We are trying out recipes to make food ourselves. And had walked the dog and my FitBit had recorded 9 minutes of activity already.

And when the sun actually came out, it cast a beautiful pink glow in the living room. It was so gorgeous that I was tempted to play hooky and just sit and watch the sun rise up from its slumber.

Sunrise Today: 7:44 AM

The day progressed fine, a lit bit slow. I only had 5 hours and 17 minutes of sleep with 6 interruptions of restlessness... thanks to my new gadget now I can find specific reason to pity myself. Gonna leave the work details out of this post but for lunch we tried some yummy contributory food cooked and now I know I'll be cooking about about 40 lbs for meat for an upcoming work party.

Just noticed that there is snow predicted for later in the evening and that has dampened my spirits... although I shouldn't really complain the weather has been so gorgeous lately.

Was trying to take a selfie with Leo, and then he decided to lick me
Coat, hat and shoes are always ready by the door as we train Leo
Took my younger daughter for swimming and worked on my hand quilting project while waiting to utilize the time.
Grandma's Fan, my current hand quilting project
Sunset Today: 6:05 PM

Its gonna dip below freezing in the next couple of days… blowing out sprinklers

Left over sweets, fruits and nuts sitting on center island, tempting me to eat them
Dinner today, was all left over. Matar (Peas) and Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) curry and rice. The lack of sleep caught up to me by the evening and I have since been moving with a fog around my head. 

Matar Paneer & Rice
Spent most of the evening organizing kids rooms and their laundries. Didn't meet my 10,000 steps, I'm 2300 short.
I washed puppy's blankets as well and I would like to think that he's all smiles :-)
This Raccoon is the noisiest and his most favorite toy
Hope for better and longer sleep tonight… back with updates tomorrow :-)