Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was a berry nice day

We went strawberry picking this morning. It was partly cloudy and the sunlight was sieving through the clouds. It was just about perfect for picking strawberry and having a picnic. We made it back to the hay-ride fine but while waiting for other passengers got drenched in the rain. Here are some pictures:

Both girls loved the berries and kept eating them till it was all gone. I refrained myself from eating too many even though they talk about antioxidants and fibers.

Then this evening, I painted my thumb green and spent some time with my long neglected plants. I had a few seeds lying around the house and I seeded them today though I don't know if its the right season for them...

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  1. Those berry photos are so great! Such wonderful, bright colors. Sounds like a nice day -- aside from missing your loved ones!