Friday, September 17, 2010

Me: the Abridged Version

I was feeling a little unappreciated for past sometime and so to correct the situation I decided to change things around and start appreciating my own self. And I ended up registering for Cathy Z’s ‘Me: the Abridged Version’, an online class. It lasts four weeks and in the end I get an album, apparently all about me and so if at the end of these four weeks I seize to exist, there would be a proof in the form of ‘Abridged Me’.

What better way to bring the focus back to yourself.

It started yesterday and so far there have been two prompts?

FIRST PROMPT: What can you not imagine living without?

My initial reaction, nothing absolutely nothing, life itself is the greatest gift and I’ll take whatever it offers, I’ll not (at least try not) to complain.

Then I had to think a little deeper, so if a life is given to you what would you like in it?
I guess the prime would be my health.

If I am on my feet and doing things, then I’d like to do things for someone and in the closest circle of love lies my girls and my parents and the rest of the family. If I have my family around to share the good and bad times of this life and the basic necessities of this life covered then I might wish for a few things to add luxury to this life and I think that’s where the prompt was referring to.

So, to maintain my sanctity I’d like to Eat, Pray and Run.

- My prayer beads as a reminder to pray and be thankful for the life I have got.

- My running shoes that would keep the adrenaline going through the veins.

- And fresh food, that I can cook and share with family and friends.

My family and friends are scattered throughout the world and so I need my laptop and an internet connection to feel socially secured. My camera would be the next thing I want because of course I’d like to preserve and share glimpses from my life.

Then comes the real luxury part, I’d like to keep my car, the comfy bed, my down comforter, my watch, a telephone, my access to all things fresh (I don’t particularly like things canned), being able to travel every once in a while, keep all the memories (the tangible ones).

So from needing nothing I have gone to creating quite a list but I guess that was the intent of this prompt, to make me think what is important for me in this life. Look forward to a similar analysis of the next prompt 

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