Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend at Lake Superior

Last weekend, my husband did what he does best, made an impromptu plan; a plan to spend the weekend at Lake Superior. I had no idea about the resort he booked, the room or what sort of amenities it had. But if it’s the day before the travel when the reservations were made that means I had given up long ago.

We left late Friday afternoon and I was so exhausted by the time we got there and were through with our dinners that the glimpse of the simmering moon on the lake through the picturesque window was all I could afford before the sleep embraced me and lulled me to dream land.

The following morning was better, I took pictures of the sunrise and after breakfast we spend a lot of time on the rocky shores and it was a calming experience. I took pictures and assembled a terrarium.

Often, when I am surrounded by such beauty and serenity of nature, my mind and body rushes in mad excitement to embrace each element and hold it all together within me. I blindly take pictures, I collect random tidbits, I stare and meditate over the scenery; all that so that I can take it with me wherever I go, hold it close to be and make it a part of my life.

And almost like a sequential thought and a reoccurring dream, the next stream of thoughts that follow is the realization that it is already me, I am one with the nature, I carry it within me. I don’t need memorabilia or tangible proof of all that that’s already with and within me. I find the self held together in a porous cup and can feel the nature breathing through each pore of by being and that moment of peace is so grounding. I am as big or as small as I choose to be, I can focus on the body that’s holding me or the friends and family that make up my social identity or just the nature as a whole and be a part of the world seen or unseen…

Ah! It was a good to get away and breathe for a little bit…

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  1. Shalini,

    Great to know you enjoyed your trip! Will you be posting pictures sometime soon? I also love the new background.