Monday, November 28, 2011


Last weekend, there was a show in town that was a conglomeration of Gospel Music, devotional Hindu songs, Muslim music and Sufi music along with the portrayal of spiritual wisdom through movements of Kathak dance.
The show was a combined effort of Rita Mustaphi and Robert Robinson and their respective teams. It was a show that would stand for the antithesis of what is making headlines in these chaotic times, a sort of island of peace, a respite from our intense focus on differences and embracing the common bond. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quoted, “Music is the universal language of Mankind” and this show depicts the quote in a physical form for those who need something more tangible to grasp at while they travel to the intangible that runs through all of us.




Along with the Gospel music sung by Robert Robinson, these following songs/poetry (favorites) along with others were featured on the show.

- The Reed Flute’s Song by Rumi

 - Kabir’s Poetry, Saahib mera ek hai

 - I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack


Depiction of Durga, goddess of power killing the evil Mahisasur
Despite the soul wrenching music, my favorite piece was a tihai (technical kathak dance piece repeated in patterns of three)

It showed the search of human for the divine that is constantly in tune with us and present around and within us. I feel blessed to be able to see this piece first in classroom and then again on stage with the understanding of the interpretation.




If you get an opportunity to see this show don't miss it...




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