Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lorax - the movie

Last week was Spring Break for kids and I didn’t have enough vacation hours stored away to take time off and allow myself a leisure break away from the regular routine. Like any another time but with a little more intensity, mothers’ guilt hung over my head every time I picked them from after school program, specially so because the weather was gorgeous totally unlike Minnesota in March.

Both DH and I managed to take the Fridays of the spring break off and spent time with the girls. This Friday we took the girls to see ‘Lorax’, of course made both girls read the book before we took them to see it. It was a fun movie and I didn’t have many comments because I didn’t read the book, let me try to re-phrase that. I started the book (with droopy eyelids on my bedside) and finished the book (while helping my 4 year old) but the middle was somehow left out.

So, I am presenting the reviews of others about the movie.

My 4 year old love the movie, her favorite part was that Lorax picked his bottom to fly to the sky just like he did in the book illustration. She has declared herself a ‘girl’ Lorax and still giggles thinking about a few dialogues that left an impression on her.

My 7 year old loved the book more than the movie. She said the movie was good but she liked the book better but didn’t give any specifics. I can relate to that because I go through similar emotions when the vivid scenes of my imaginations while reading the book don’t match up the movie version.

DH also thought that besides glamorizing the story they could have done a better job at including the subtle nuances of the book, like including the names of the fishes and bears that made the book so fun but were missed out in the movie.

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