Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bedroom

Sharing a few pictures of our bedroom here...

I think the color of the room was the most dramatic considering our tastes and that set the tone for the rest of the d├ęcor as well. I fell in love with this color during my then frequent visits to the Restoration Hardware store located on Grand Ave. The store has since closed so my visits there are not so frequent anymore. The Grand Ave store had this slate Grey on its wall and seeing it come alive in different forms among the various lighting conditions was the trigger for inspiration. The color for this room was decided while this house was still under construction.

The fact that the master bedroom in this house has higher vaulted ceiling with windows in the east eliminated any concerns about the grey being too dark and even in the cold winter days, the room holds enough warmth.

The furniture in the room is deliberately un-matched. The sleigh bed was another must for the room since we both love to read in bed, a high curvy rest for the backs was much warranted and then we both agreed on not buying the whole bedroom set and instead collect the rest of the pieces separately.

The lamps on the bedside tables are from restoration hardware as well.

The blanket on the bed was picked up in Kashmir during our visit there last year. The chain stitch embroidery local known in Kashmir as 'ari' work forms the pattern of traditional designs on the spread. It adds color to the room without screaming too loud. 

The desk cum dressing table in the room is a thrift store find and so is the brass lamp. I think I fell in love with the weight of that lamp. Thank goodness it was in perfectly working condition and all I to do was add the right size bulb.
The art above the table is a collection of sketch and caricatures from over the years. The pair sketch was done by an artist in Paris near Eiffel on the banks of Seine River on our first wedding anniversary visit. And although DH thinks it doesn’t truly capture us, I cannot part with it or rather not, not display it. The caricatures gets giggles every single time.

The Santorini, Greece painting is mine and as soon as it was done, DH wanted it in the bedroom, so that is where it is. The other art work of the Orchid is a canvas print of an orchid done in chalk pastel by a very good friend. I won it at a silent auction and it is treasured ever since.

I love that hand sculpture, it reminds me a dancer’s hand and that makes it special for me. Usually I use it to hang my watch, ring or bracelets on it but it lays beautifully when not in use.
The mirror tray is the most recent pick from the antique store. I wanted something bigger for the perfume bottles but found this small one and fell in love with it. The little green froggy is something that I had picked up from Dilli Haat, a craft bazaar in Delhi and it has survived this far and a pet of DH.

I am glad with how the whole room came together with the color and accessories, it is us...


  1. That blanket on your bed is gorgeous!
    After we finish the basement remodel, our bedroom is next.
    But it is going to be a while still (lol)

  2. Thank you Mary Jo, the blanket sure has special memories of trip of a lifetime :-) I love how your scrapbooking room turned out. Look forward to the basement 'after' pictures :-)