Monday, October 27, 2014

Along the Mississippi - Shadow Falls

Fall is one of the most beautiful time in Minnesota, its when the nature is set ablaze and colors burst from each little crack in the scenery. The temperatures are often moderate and perfect for hiking. If you are from out of town and would like to experience Minnesota, there can't be a better time than Fall.
Unless of course, you are into fishing and hunting and since those things are not my forte so no advice there. But no matter your interests, Twin Cities deserves a visit...
Our favorite place in town for a quick drive, for a picnic, a bike ride or just a slow afternoon stroll after a heavy Indian meal is Mississippi River Boulevard. We love walking it in sections or sometimes drive the whole stretch in the Twin Cities and this time of year the road is dressed its traditional best in the nature's favorite garb.

 One of the hidden gems of the trail along the road is 'Shadow Falls', located close to parking lot at the intersection of south Mississippi River Boulevard and Summit Avenue. There is trail in the woods that curves around the top and then bends into a winding decent close to the base of the fall.

Its a quick hiking spot just enough to build up the appetite to guiltlessly devour the Neapolitan pizza at the punch's on University Campus, West bank.

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