Monday, October 27, 2014

A week in Life - 2014, Day 1

Starting to document at week of our lives as we live it in present... thanks to Ali E for the inspiration.
I sincerely hope that I'll find time to transform these into a scrapbook page as well.

Monday: 27 Oct 2014
Today, I mostly wrote all my observations on the calendar printout that I downloaded from Ali's website. It was an average Monday, except that I started using FitBit today and so watched my food intake and monitored my steps. and needless to say, right before I sat down to type this post, I ran up and down the stairs so I could meet me goal of 10,000 steps.

I usually fast on Monday (skip breakfast and lunch), kids usually get taquitoes for lunch. DH drops off and I pick up kids from school. Tomorrow I'll ask DH to take some pictures of the usual morning routines but today I find the post very me-centric. Started listening to David and Goliath on DH's recommendation and continued reading the first book from the Harry Potter series.

The special moments of the day was drinking high tea with DH and looking at pictures from undergrad years while cleaning the basement.

Here's some pictures from the day…
Working and showing off my FitBit

The New book that I started listening to today

High tea with DH, he worked from home :-)

Girls came home form school and safeguarding shoes from the puppy

My puppy talks to me in barks… big communication gap

Left overs, I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of food before eating it all.
Spinach and Tofu curry, Roti and Rice with Indian style spice pickle

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