Friday, August 30, 2019

Intermittent Fasting and Whole30 – Part II

This brief post is to share the combination of the IF and whole30 protocol that I’ll be follow during the 30-day experiment. If you don’t know the reason why I’m following on this path, please read the first post of the topic (here).
I have Melissa Urban’s book on my best side table and I looked at the recommended food list and shopping list to decide how I want to follow this plan. Since I’m eating in an 8-hour window on most days, I cannot follow the time guidelines of eating within an hour of waking up and eat every 4-5-hour pattern. I clean fast with just black coffee and water, no MCT oil or amino in my coffee.

Combined Intermittent Fasting and Whole 30 protocol        Fast at least 16 hours in every 24 hours, eat within 8 hours window

  •          Break fast with three stalks of celery blended with a cup of water (in lieu of making celery juice and loosing the fiber)
  •          Drink black coffee as needed
  •         Eat a Whole30 approved light lunch/ afternoon snack (that celery blend is going to fill you up)
  •         No dairy makes it hard to drink chai in the evening with family so if schedule permits, drink a cup of green tea and avoid the tea time snacks
  •          Dinner is salad or grilled vegetables with lean meat or fish, mostly grilled

I have been following this for a week and so far, its been working alright. I’ll share daily cravings, energy levels and overall changes at the end of 30 days. Whole 30 requires that we put away the scale and tape measure and don’t track it till the end of the program since it’s a health regimen and not a weight loss plan.
I forgot to take weight or measurement at the beginning of this but have a general idea about where I stand and how my clothes feel so at the end of the month it would probably be a qualitative assessment and not a quantitative one.

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