Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do God sponsor vacations?

There is a saying or should I say belief in indian culture that once each day, the goddess of wisdom 'saraswati' blesses your tongue and whatever you happen to be saying at that moment comes true.
I grew up listening to this quote and knew that all it is doing is encouraging us to speak good all the time because you never know when she is gonna come and bless you and then whatever negative or positive you might be saying at the time would come true. And the fear of something negative manifesting in real life keeps you thinking happy thoughts at least for the time that we are aware of them.

 Are you wondering where I am going with this? Well I do have a plan... I think the goddess does bless the tongue on a whim and our random words turn into the reality of life... As they say be careful what you wish for cause dreams (even the random ones) do come true.
It was sometime last fall when knowing fully well that I have exhausted all my travel budget and accumulated vacation, I expressed my desire during a dinner conversation to my family. I told them, I wanted to stay in a hotel on my birthday.
I had expressed the wish and then promptly forgotten about it until DH shared a business opportunity where he needed to be working on a project in California.
Well, you must have already guessed with all the pictures that are interspersed throughout this post, for Christmas break we traveled to San Francisco. San Francisco was on my wish list for spring break 2014 but there were circumstances that made us switch the trip and we hiked the Grand Canyon trails instead.
We stayed in Downtown, walked at Union Square traveled by tram, admired Golden gate Bridge, ate at Fisherman's Wharf, snacked at Boudin bakery and drank at Ghirardelli square...etc
Walking across the Golden gate bridge was another dream come true. Back in 2003 we drove the PCH all the way from LA to San Francisco just to see this bridge and I could not see it even though we though we drove on it. The fog was so thick that I couldn't see it or photograph it… 

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