Monday, October 05, 2015

Evolving memory keeping methods...

Back in 2006 when I started this blog, I had still to make the transition to a DSLR and was getting a steady stream of pictures printed at the local pharmacy shop from my film SLR and scrapbooking was my only method for memory keeping.
As time passed, more and more of my pictures were digital and scrapbooking was a creative process more than a tool for memory keeping; and as we all know creative processes are often slow, evolving, and subjected to moodiness. I realized that my family wanted to see the trip pictures right away and not wait for over a year to be documented into a very fancy books that has to be handled with extreme care and treated as family heirloom.

Out of the necessity of a memory book which is easily shared with kids, doesn't take long to produce and easily recreated, I turned to digital photo books.

Most of my books are printed by Shutterfly. It isn't a sponsored post but just wanted to share an honest opinion. These books are of reasonable quality for the price and it lets me share my books with friends and family to ask if they'd like a copy of my pictures as well. I can share my pictures and books on my share site as well for others to see even if they don't want a physical copy. These share sites can be public or private and so they ofter a custom approach to privacy concerns.
They have frequent sales and at any given point you can get 30% off coupons for their books and/or free shipping over a certain purchase price.

So far, I have made more than a dozen (not all are pictured here) 8x8 books mostly from our travels and my family absolutely loves it. The books sit in our regular bookshelves and are often a wonderful conversation starter. We used to host get-together after our vacations or after our friends come back from trips to share pictures and stories from their travels, these were often accompanied by cuisines from the trip as well and during those get-togethers these books were pulled out and discussed, giving everyone tremendous joy but most importantly for me, I didn't have to worry about the books getting damaged because I can easily reprint it from Shutterfly.

In the month of August I shared moments and memories from our lives to match the prompts by Heidi Swapp and in time my girls got curious about it as well. So, I had to print out the pictures in the prompt and a few others in a book so they can look at it, talk about it and make new memories…

With time, my processes have evolved and since I don't share regular scrapbook pages I thought to share how I'm currently documenting memories.

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