Wednesday, October 14, 2015

'Good Enough'?

Has it happened to you?
You see beautiful morning light streaming through and you pick up phone to snap a picture and notice that the clutter on the dinning table behind is getting into the picture and as you clean that up, you step on to the  pencil shavings on the rug from last night's homework spree.

You pull out your vacuum to suck up the mess and it leads you to the edge of the carpet strewn with pet hair, that is a long trail which leads you to the next room with your vacuum in tow and you realize the dirty grout in the kitchen tile is still getting to you, you get down on your knees scrubbing the life out of it when the dog comes over sniffs you from head to toe and everything in between making you realize he needs to be shown out.

You walk the dog, finish vacuuming the rugs, mop up the kitchen floor, grab a glass of water, plop down on the sofa, find you phone sitting right next to you and you realize the shot that was in the making… the morning light has turned into a glare, its all "clean" but lacks the emotion and most of all I do not have even a 'Good Enough' shot because I was craving perfection…

A lot of my days are turning into these kind of days, quest for perfection leading to minimal results and I as a person need to see results to feel accomplished…
Lesson learned, Good Enough is really 'Good Enough'. 

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