Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Making Fabric Banner

If you have been following me on instagram, you'd know that I bought a sewing machine a couple months ago and you possibly might have seen swatches of my fabric banner project as well. Well, here's the first finished project that I made on my new sewing machine and tomorrow I'll share how I ended up using it in my daughter's pink room
I let my girls design their rooms with things that they love and this popsicle patterned fabric was one such thing. One day while browsing through aisles in Jo-Anns, my little one fell in love with this fabric. I bought a few yards of it without figuring out the project that I'll use it for but it worked out well in the end… I guess the fabric chose me.
I sketched a 9" x 6" triangle flag on a piece of cardboard to get a visual for the size, it was important to see the size and proportion on paper since I wasn't following any pattern. Once satisfied I cut the fabric triangles with a rotary cutter.

This popsicle fabric is a calico cotton and is not very stiff on its own so I decided to give it a muslin backing. And if you remember the room that this banner is going in has pink and antique white chevron, so muslin provided the perfect strength and color backdrop. I cut the muslin exactly the same size as the printed front.

Sewed the two layers together on the reverse leaving the top edge open. Flipped it to the right side up and ironed it for a finish. 
It was tough to get a sharp point with the sewed acute angle corner so I attached a small pompom at those corners and it looked perfect. I connected the triangles at the top with a white piping for hanging the banner.
Since this post was getting too long, I spilt it into two and will share tomorrow how I ended up using the banner in the room.

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