Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Happy Place - 7/50 pages...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours was a quiet family affair. And while taking care of the rest of the family, I was able to sneak in this page. As with most of my pages, it is inspired by my friend Mary Jo's page where she talks about the Library being her happy place. 

My happy place is somewhere in nature, whether is lake superior, Grand Canyon or Dal Lake in Kashmir, there is a innate connection that breathes through me and I feel closer to the creator in a natural outdoor setting.

My Happy Place:

This picture is a selfie taken during a shikara boat ride on the Dal Lake in Kashmir. I love the mood that  this picture conveys and wanted to capture it in a page. Mary Jo's page was the perfect incentive to document this moment and the perpetual feeling that I get whenever I am in nature…

The Journaling says: Being in nature gives me a chance to connect to a deeper self… Lake, Mountains, canyons, they all take me breath. 

With this page I have finished 7 out of 50 pages before 2013 ends… I have a few other pages in the works that I need to add finishing touches to.

Update in terms of miles run, I am at 26 miles and have 24 more to go before 2013 ends…

Also, along with all that I have managed to revamp my craft area. Took all the stuff out and painted the wall white, brought it a new tall table and added a Ikea 4x4 Expedit. I am slowly bringing the stuff back in the room in a more organized manner. I hope after that the page making speed should pick up…  

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  1. Oh I love this page!!
    And I love how you did your title!
    Cheering you on with your page and miles goals :)