Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cotton Lehnga for Dolls- Etsy update

This weekend I carved out some studio time and finished making Lehnga (Indian dress) for the dolls. Started working on it last weekend but was able to put finishing touches today and then photograph it too.

I made it with up cycled block printed cotton fabric. Block printed fabric is one of the most popular textile from India. It’s an ancient art form and archeological evidence dates it back to the Mohenjo-Daro civilization about 3000 BCE.  It enjoyed patronage from various rulers throughout history and enjoys a special status in the d├ęcor trends of modern times.
This style of block printing uses wooden stamps with intricate carving and each color is added as a separate layer in the creative process.

Lehnga is the long skirt costume which is worn with a blouse and veil. I styled the blouse in a halter top and the skirt has a ruffle at the bottom. I figured out the pattern as I went and loved the process.
First the measurements were drawn on a post-it note and then Cut it in a brown paper shopping bag. Yes, I did try to keep it a 'green' project throughout…

I will try and make a few more halter tops for the doll. Thinking about sewing a sari for the dolls as well. Will keep you posted but for now I have two of these lehngas available in my Etsy shop, if you are interested please check it out. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for next projects.


  1. You are so lucky to be able to sew such amazing outfits!

  2. Thank you Mary Jo, I do love making dolls dresses. Its like revisiting a few moments from my childhood. Let me know if Erin would like a hand made dress for her doll and I'll send one for her. :-) Thank you for the encouragement...