Monday, January 27, 2014

Paris Themed Birthday Party!

This year she wanted her birthday party in a barn with horses, but since its winter in Minnesota and I was a little nervous about half a dozen girls giggling around and goofing off in horse stables, I steered the conversation in a different direction. And Paris came to my rescue one more time… it was going to be a Paris Glam Party. 
We designed the invitations ourselves and got 5x7 prints from the local pharmacy photo shop.   

I made the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache that I shared in a previous post <here>. All the snacks were home made and we hosted the party at home. The main course was panini sandwiches, which is easy to customize for vegetarian options and picky eaters. The girls would assemble their own sandwich and I did the grilling for them.

For the entertainment, the plan was to hire hair and nail artists from a local business but that didn't work out too well so we had to think outside the box.

Fruit punch, cake pops, marshmallow dipped in chocolate, fancy cookies

Thank goodness for the village around me, my friend's friend happened to be a nail artist and loved working with kids and she agreed to come and entertain the guests.

Besides food and nail, the other fun activity planned was the Paris themed photo booth. It was very easy to put together, we just had to raid our closets and accessories drawers. All girls irrespective of the age love to play dress up and this idea indeed was a blast.

I used a flat sheet for wall paper, the posters were freehand sketch and script with black acrylic paint.

I borrowed the dress form from a friend who sews and the dresser was brought down from our bedroom to add a girly touch. The scarves and hats and pretend glasses were from our closets and the girls even got a few things down from their dress up play basket.

The frame is something that I have used before for props.
I cut the lips and mustaches from card stock and taped chop sticks for holders.


It was a lot of fun for the kids, for the parents who came to drop off and pick up…
There were plenty of opportunities to photo bomb, be goofy, act sassy, fly, jump, sing or whatever the big heart in little bodies desire…

In fact it was so much fun, that we kept the set up for a few days after the party and we continued dressing up and taking pictures…

If you are in a fix for a party idea, I'd highly recommend Photo-booth… it costs next to nothing and can be customized for any age/culture/gender. Have fun!
Return gifts packed in boxes from Target 

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  1. Wow, this Paris themed birthday bash looks just fabulous!! I have never organized such a fun themed party for my kids but this year I will book for one of the most beautiful royal themed Los Angeles venues to host huge 18th birthday bash for my twins.