Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grilled Brussels Sprout

I am sharing a vegetarian recipe from my Thanksgiving dinner today. I am not a Tofurkey fan or basically anything that I cannot recreate at home with some effort or if it is made to look like what it’s not; but I wanted my vegetarian guests to have plenty of options and some which would require carving as well to get the full effect of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.
Brussels sprout was part of the original menu but I was going to use my usual recipe of steaming and then sauteing with spices and fresh herbs. Surprisingly we found a whole branch of Brussels sprout at our local Trader Joe’s and DH suggested that I should maintain its integrity and that's what I did when I grilled the whole thing in my oven.

Here’s the process with some visuals:
1) Rinse the branch of Brussels Sprout.

2)Prick them individually with a metal toothpick.

3) Mix in a separate bowl some black pepper and salt with extra virgin olive oil and brush thoroughly over each globule.

4) Wrap it in a foil and put it in the oven at 425 deg F for about 45-50 minutes. The foil helps dissipate the heat evenly and retains the moisture but if the sprouts are kept too close to the heating element, It would be wise to turn them after 20-25 minutes and check the progress.

5) Serve the whole branch as a side with a sharp knife so that the consumer gets the satisfaction of carving it.

It was a good option with the kids as well since the vegetable was served in an unusual way and enticed them to try it. Enjoy!

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