Monday, February 03, 2014

Birdie Pillow

This weekend's studio time resulted in this birdie pillow. Its designed for my friend's daughter who has the pottery barn birdie decals in her room and we wanted to add some fun accessories. And it is from experience that I know that little girls love pillows in fun shapes… 

The shape of the pillow was simple and I chose cotton fabric for making it. Here's the process in pictures. I drew the pattern free hand on a cardboard box and traced it on the pink polka dot fabric.

 Next came the piece for the curved bottom for the pillow in a bright yellow.

The wings were traced in the matching yellow as well and sewed on the right side of the dotted fabric
I used black felt for the beak.

Sewed the red zigzag trim to cover the stitch on the yellow fabric and added a few loops for the tail. Sewed in black buttons for eyes as well at this time.

 Sewed two mirror pieces wrong side together and inverted it. Left about two inches of opening for filling. Used poly-fill to stuff the pillow and give it shape.

 And the final product. It is still in my home. I am sure the little girl would love the pillow and it would look very cute in her room as well.
If you'd like to make this pillow and need some specific directions or patterns please let me know and I'll try to answer your questions.


  1. Thank you Mary Jo, I am loving my current sewing phase :-)