Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long weekend getaway...

We went to Milwaukee Art Museum on Saturday; it’s a building that I wanted to see ever since my friend Paul described it to me about two years ago. It’s a magnificent building, beautiful architecture and well executed. I wish, I could be a part of something this magnificent some day in my life. Just seeing this building made me rethink about where I am going and where do I want to go in this lifetime.

This entrance cum front lobby sets up false expectations for the art work that you are about to see. The art museum in itself is evolving, it has far to go when it comes to a good collection or may be I need to develop my taste to be able to appreciate that kind of art.
Any ways, just seeing this piece of architecture was well worth the trip but that was not all.
That afternoon, on our way to Chicago downtown we lost our way and ended up at the Bahai temple. Its main building is the intricate Persian-style tracery with nine exterior pillars depicting the symbols of other religions.
It was what DH called divine intervention. It was just meant to be. I have visited the Bahai temple (Lotus temple) in New Delhi, India and I was so surprised to see so many similarities between the two places and yet they were so distinct. This place is so clam that even your thoughts seize to rush and they settle down. No rustling, no hum, no music, no chirping…if you ever get a chance to visit, do so and I am sure you won’t regret it.

More soon…


  1. Gorgeous photos Shalini! The temple is beautiful. There is a new temple in Bartlett, a suburb of Chicago, that I drive past when I am visiting my BIL, and it is goegeous as well, I love the architecture. Looks like you had a fun time


  2. I knew that museum looked familiar :0) We drove past it when visiting my brother who lives there!

  3. Beautiful photos -- both buildings look amazing. Sounds like a wonderful time for all of you!

  4. Wow what amazing buildings. Lucky you to get to see them first hand. When and if I get to make another trip to Chicago I'll def make a point of going to see them.
    How's the back to work routine going? Hope it's going well & you're not too stressed.