Monday, October 15, 2007

All Done and ready for next...

I was on a roll last week. Finished 10 layouts that I had aimed for before my next crafts purchase. My motivation was Ali E's new book life artist.
After making 10 layouts and altering a composition book for Devesh's song lyrics, I realized that I haven't even made a scratch in the abundance of my scrap supplies. So, after rewarding myself with AliE's book, I am again gonna take a shopping break until I complete my next 10 layouts.
Another motivating factor in deciding to go 10 more layouts before scrapping purchase is that even though I am not using the latest products on the market but the pages are still very special to me and I am happy creating it and happy with the final product.
And that's what matters, right?

Simply perfect: I carried these pictures for almost a week before I sat down to scrap them. It turned out very different from what I had imagined but I like it just the way, simply perfect...

Just be you: I played with this layout. Lately, I am spending a lot of my free time in the blogging world and its providing me with lots of inspiration. This layout is one such place where I let myself be carefree and went with the title of the page...I love it.

I love you: A set of fun pictures, I really didn't know how to start and what technique to use. Just kept adding things. Not too disappointed with how it turned out.

Little Birdies: My daughters inspired the title of this page by the way they communicate. With this page the journaling came way before the layout...

It says:You two are friends for life, I can tell you that. Even with four months of closeness you too share something that I have never witnessed before.
You both have developed a language of your own.
You chirp. You squeak. You laugh.
And we wonder what that communication was all about.
I hope this bond strengthens with time and you both are there for each other long after we are gone.
Together. Chirping. Squeaking. Laughing.

Its a girl: This layout is more of a documentary page for my newborn's baby album. I planned the sketch for it and cropped the pictures decided about the color combination...basically my traditional way of scrapping.


  1. Shalini...wonderful layouts!!! i love each and every one of them! thanks for the nice comments on my blog! good to see you!

  2. Your daughters are adorable! I like the color combinations you used - especially in the first two pieces. And the swirls on the top one...I just love swirls of any kind! Is Ali's new book out already....I must run to the bookstore ASAP!

  3. All of these layouts are so gorgeous, Shalini! LOVE them! Your girls are so cute! And well done on getting your 10 layouts done...hopefully the next 10 go just as fast!

  4. Your layouts are just gorgeous! Very beautiful! The girls are just too pretty! Wanna trade for my boys for a while??