Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chambre divine des princesses

Sharing some pictures from the girls bedroom, it is still a work in progress and I suppose the intention is that the room grows with the girls but it is at a point where I can share it...

Color inspiration:
I asked my girls to choose the color for their rooms and since they couldn’t reach a consensus, I was given two choices: Purple and Pink. Since I believe in the healing power of the colors, I chose an almost meditative lavender (Brave Purple, ‘harmony’ by Sherwin Williams) for their bedroom and an energetic pink for their playroom. I'll share the pictures of the playroom soon as well.

The creamy white beds are Catalina from Pottery Barn,  and provide just the right balance against the purple. The bedding is from Target, the Happy Flower Collection; and has the right amount of purple and complimentary green for the required punch.

I realize that when the girls are a little bigger then we'll have to move them to separate rooms instead of a combined bed room and playroom. So, I have coordinated the furniture for playroom with the beds and the girls can essentially take a unit each and then I'll furnish the room based on their needs and tastes.  
My friend Suzanna (Etsy Site) customized the name decals; down to font, color of the decal and the position of the crown and of course the girls don't have names that are common in America so they are custom too. I was very happy with her services and being the generous soul she is, she included tons of extras as well.
The butterflies on the wall against the sitting area are also her creation.
And not just that, being old scrapbook buddies, the scrapbook pages hanging in the frame above the beds are also made by her. She is just super creative.

The room was designed mostly around function and so curtain panels with thermal lining was a must for Minnesota winters, and after searching for almost a month, I just took up the project up on myself and ended up sewing my own. It was an easy DIY, and the girls were happy to get their polka dots in the room.

When choosing the color palette, be cognizant of the primary purpose of the room in addition to design preference.Since the bedroom is meant for relaxing, I chose the calm colors as opposed to the vibrant ones from their playroom. The accessories for the room were picked by the girls; the bedside lamp, white orchid, brass idol, jewelry box and most of the other accessories were picked during separate visits to Home Goods (lamp and jewellery box ), Home Depot (Orchid plant) and around the house (Brass idol of lord Hanuman).

The canvas of the girls is from Canvas on Demand, one service that I'd recommend any day. The picture was big enough to be made into a 24" x 36" frame but some of the details were being lost at that scale which I didn't know at the time of placing the order. I very promptly received a call from their customer service and they offered to add a brush stroke filter to make the unrefined details part of the plan and in the end the canvas turned out wonderful.