Monday, October 18, 2010

Lake Superior Trip in pictures...

Right before the sunrise
As the sun rose...
Sun rays hasn't made it to the earth yet...
Scenery is slowly lighting up :)

The warmth of sun changed everything

Finished a puzzle right after breakfast

And then it was time to sit/walk by the lake and relax

A fire-ring submerged in water
Some fauna, that later came home in plastic cup

Girlies loved to walk on the rocky shore

Beach wood and some rocks, precious collections

On pebbles beach

Light house view...

Beautiful Fall colors

Birch, I love the texture and the cool contrast

Gooseberry Falls

Roots on top of the rocks...

Mr. Squirrel

Ms. Chikadee

Ms. Sunshine

Ms. Realist

We met a deer family on the way

Some stayed and posed while others ran away...


  1. Nice pictures Shalini!


  2. Lovely pictures....Specially that of Ms.Sunshine and Ms. Reality :) :)