Monday, December 20, 2010

An Artist Cake

My sweet little daughter requested for an Artist themed Birthday Party this year.

So, along with the rest of traditional birthday fun we provided kids with some mini canvases and acrylic colors. Everybody had tons of fun and I was the cool mom who lets kids make mess. I like being a cool mom :-)

The star of the party was the dark chocolate birthday cake that my very good friend baked for me and I decorated. Since the number of guests were quite significant, I ordered a half sheet of chocolate cake from the local bakery to serve as a base. My contribution was a barbie doll dressed in cake dressed and decorated with marzipan, all set to paint.

I started by covering the base with regular icing and then covered the base with rolled up marzipan that I had colored pink.

The used the leftover corners from the skirt to make the bodice. The bottom of the cake that showed as petticoat was flower patterns made with yellow icing. 

Next, I cut an apron out of yellow marzipan. Used my seamstress tape for full impact ;-)

Apron ready to be added to the dress
I added sewing patterns along the edge to give a sewing effect.the yellow belt on the waist covered the imperfections well.

A bow at the back to complete the look
The color palette was cut out of a cardboard and then covered with marzipan and the brush is a real artists' brush. The canvas in front of the doll is my daughters' art on a small picture metal easel.

I think for the maiden attempt, it turned out good. And as long as my sweetheart liked it, it really doesn't matter.
Hope it inspires you to create something of your own...

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