Thursday, January 06, 2011

My word for 2011

Faith is the reassurance that you feel when you see a car parked with its light on in the far corner of the white snow covered parking lot amidst emptiness lit gently by the glow of the unknown. I don’t know if one ever gets to find out if that car was actually a security car or just another car waiting at random or in fact a predator lurking for a weak link.

I am a person of strong faith; this faith has been thrown across the room, slammed on a mirror, thrashed in sludge and there have been many moments where I thought I lost it but no, it came back all the time, shinier and stronger than I ever knew it before. I think even those very few and scarce moments when I couldn’t see it, it was because my eyes were clouded and it indeed was carrying me through.

This past year with every realization I thought ‘Faith’ should be my word for 2011 not because I want to strengthen it but just as a tribute, to show my thankfulness for its presence. As the year was coming to a close I meditated over my needs and the areas of possible growth in the coming New Year and I realized that I have everything physically possible for a good life and thank goodness the realization of the many blessings god has bestowed me with. All I need to do is to arrange and organize to not be overwhelmed by it; that seemed like a very physical world goal and I needed something deeper and a more soul conscious goal. I mulled the thought many times and it dawned upon me that I am making things so much more complicated and my mind rather than narrowing down on an anchor floated and choked in muddled water… And with that thought appeared my word for the year, ‘Simplify’ – inside and out.

I plan to take things one piece at a time but while I make plans I have this faith that now that the universe knows what I am seeking, it will guide me and pave way for me to reach my goals.

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