Friday, January 28, 2011

Coming back...

Its been over a year that I have not posted anything on this blog and for the longest time I considered discontinuing this blog and merging with my other blog. But over the last few weeks I have been reconsidering reviving and rekindling the creative spirit. Its not that I wasn't creative the last year or so when I had stopped posting but just the sharing part of it was lacking and now I am in the phase where I don't seem to have accomplished anything and I would like seek some help getting my creative self back.

Long ago, I had started making a 'bad weather journal' where I'd write inspirational quotes and compliments that I received just so that I can lean on those fair weather words when I find myself down in the dumps or a similar downward spiral. It came in very handy and though I have stopped updating that journal I still read it in rough time and find solace and amusement.
I plan to follow a similar process here. I'll share my ideas and inspirations and also hope to share a few finished products, I might just start with the ones that I have already done but I am determined to start and hope that mass and momentum will gather... Yes, I can't deny I am an engineer and equations seem to just creep into design just like design often shows up in my engineering.

Today I felt inspired by these postcard from Anthropologie:

There was something in these words that struck a chord in my own heart and I just had to share them. I love writing letters but in today's fast paced world of emails and chats, written words have long been forgotten except by my Mom who often writes to me in the traditional way. After seeing these I think I just might write to her that long over due letter...

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