Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Creations...

We had a little get-together with work folks to celebrate Valentine's Day and I was one of the organizers for this little party. Going with the theme, chocolate fondue was for appetizers and heart shaped pizzas for lunch.

This little jar was for a game where everybody guesses the number of hershey's kisses in the jar...
How many Kisses?
 We also gave everybody heart shaped card-board boxes to decoate for one other person, this is the one I did. Initially I wanted to keep it all white with an embossed look but added a few reds at the last minute.

Heart Box

Hearts on heart box
 I had a few more kisses left so I filled this little (trash) can with chocolates for everybody to get a second chance at guessing.

The hidden, unseen kisses of future :)
The table was covered with rose petals and heart shaped doilies were used for placemats. The single rose and cupcake became part of the table setting.
Cupcake Rose, part of table decoration
 This is the box that I got, my friend made it for me and stuffed it with cute valentine's day socks. I have a knack for wearing bright and colorful socks with mundane business casuals.

Heart box that my friend made for me...
The chocolate fondue had a white and dark chocolate option. Dark chocolate was semi sweet (60%) hershey's chocolate and met everybody's craving's with much graciousness :)
Some edible creation - Chocolate Fondue

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