Monday, October 01, 2012

The power of design...

I found this box of tea in the coffee area at work one afternoon and I thought, 'Ah! Rose tea, I can use some'. 
On a closer examination, I realized that there is not any obvious rose written anywhere on the box, in fact the tea is called 'Tazo Rest' nothing to do with rose, I smelled the box to see if the aroma of it gave away the content of the box but not much luck there either. 
I drank the tea, read through the ingredients list and it indeed was a Rose tea and I was impressed by the power of design/packaging. 
Lately there have been one too many examples in the market, of misleading with design that conveys to be something that it is not. And I am getting tired of the herd mentality too, no matter how good a design is it cannot be for everyone but we just seem to be too busy to even quiet our own mind down to see and feel our innate design preference.

So, without digressing from the topic, just wanted to point out a good design is the one that conveys what it is without shouting loud words that may or may not be true. If we are in tune with our inner being then the inspiration can be found everywhere even in a free box of tea, up for grabs... 

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  1. I like your tweety bird mug :) Yes, I agree with your thought about a good design not needing much else to tell you what it is about.